About Woodever

        Nicholas Marucci is a well respected carpenter and a licensed contractor. Since 1998, Nicholas has been specializing in residential carpentry and construction. His notable skill in conceptual design and exceptional execution has earned him a reputation as one of Montgomery and Bucks county's premier residential contractors. His work can very easily be picked out by his unwaivering attention to detail and pride in workmanship.

By 2002, Nicholas had begun improv-styled custom fabrications for friends and family which quickly turned into what was reffered to as "Nick's Whatever". Through word of mouth referral, Nicholas has made a living out of customizing spaces for people with a modern day budget approach. While keeping budget in mind, Nicholas has also kept the environment in mind too. At Woodever, only the most responsible products available for any given task are evaluated and every effort is made to assure we have sourced only locally originated products and Made in U.S.A. products when available. In addition to locality, we pride ourselves in using only V.O.C. compliant glues, adhesives, cleaning supplies and waterbourne finishes to deliver exceptionally healthly and beautiful products every time.

Now approaching 15 years of experience, Nicholas has taken "Nick's Whatever" and renamed it Woodever. Appropriately so, Woodever will attempt to accomodate "Wood-Ever" wish or desire through custom design and fabrication to satisfy your wants and needs.

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